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Agoda是全球成長最快速的網路訂房平台之一,提供38種語言選擇介面帶給您數以萬計的飯店訂房選擇。Agoda是由兩家資深的線上旅遊公司於2005年一同成立,接著在2007年被全球最大線上訂房龍頭Priceline集團所併購。Priceline集團(Nasdaq: PCLN) 是一家在美國納斯達克公開上市的公司,並且是標準普爾500指數 (S&P 500) 的成員之一。

獲獎無數的 Agoda能帶給您快速、簡便的線上訂房體驗,採用世界級先進科技讓數以萬計的飯店合作夥伴能立即回覆訂房確認。除了提供廣泛且多樣的住宿與房型選擇, 的每一份住宿評鑑都是由我們的顧客於結束旅程後遞交,百分之百真實可靠。當然我們也設有完善的顧客服務系統,全天候24小時以多國語言提供最快速即時的客服支援。

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Agoda are one of the world's fastest growing Internet booking platform, available in 38 languages select interface to bring you thousands of hotel booking options. Agoda is composed of two experienced online travel company was founded in 2005, followed in 2007 by the world's biggest mergers and acquisitions by leading online booking Priceline Group.   Priceline Group (Nasdaq:PCLN) was a in the United States NASDAQ publicly traded company, and standard and poor's 500-stock index (S&P 500) member. 

product introduction award-winning to bring you fast and convenient online booking experience, with world-class technology partners can immediately respond to tens of thousands of hotel booking confirmation. In addition to providing a broad and diverse accommodation and room type selected, every accommodation evaluations are submitted by our customers after the tour, absolutely reliable. Of course, we also have a sophisticated customer service system, multi-language provides the fastest by a 24-hour live customer service support.