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6pm.com 是一個美國知名的線上outlet,舉凡歐美流行 的各大名牌服飾、配件、鞋子等,在這裡通通找得到,而且價格常常比其他網站更低喔! 省了機票跟旅費,6pm.com 讓您在家就可以輕輕鬆鬆血拼購物,坐擁歐美outlet數萬種潮流商品,真的是看一整天都看不完啊!!
此商家商品僅限運送美國,如消費者居住地不在運送範圍,歡迎消費者使用轉運服務公司。美國代收轉運台灣公司 Spearnet、Shipito、ParceltoTaiwan。 商品鑑賞期:30天

Women's clothing, men's clothing, malls, jewellery, shoes jewelry products for men and women about 6pm.com is a United States well-known online outlet, all the major European and American popular brand-name apparel, accessories, shoes, found here, and the prices are often lower than other Web site Oh!   Save tickets with travel, 6pm.com so you can relax at home shopping, sitting on the outlet of tens of thousands of types of consumer products in Europe and America, can't finish all day is really Ah! Other information the vendor products only ship United States, such as the residence of the consumer is not in the scope of delivery, customers are welcome to use transport services company. United States collecting transit Taiwan companies Spearnet, Shipito, ParceltoTaiwan. Product appreciation period: 30 days

主要銷售的國家:中國, 香港, 國際全球, 馬來西亞, 新加坡, 台灣

Main sales countries: China, Hong Kong, the international world, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan