Frederick's of Hollywood 性感內衣


成立於1946年,Frederick's of Hollywood 性感內衣已經徹底改變了時尚界。在20世紀50年代初推出世界上第一個能營造爆乳效果的 Push Up Bra,取得了巨大成功,今天是由世界各地的內衣廠商效仿。

除了胸罩和內褲的選擇,Frederick's of Hollywood 性感內衣也有緊身胸衣,包括其著名的“好萊塢夢”的緊身胸衣,臥室的拖鞋,襪子繁多,新娘內衣,特殊場合的內衣,甚至更高端的誘惑件。

此商家商品僅限運送美國與加拿大,如消費者居住地不在運送範圍,歡迎使用轉運服務公司。美國代收轉運台灣公司 Spearnet,Shipito,ParceltoTaiwan。

Founded in 1946, the Frederick's of Hollywood sexy lingerie has completely changed the world of fashion.   In the early 1950 of the 20th century introduced the world's first effect can create explosive breast Push Up Bra, was a huge success, today is underwear manufacturers from around the world to follow suit.  In addition to the selection of bras and panties, Frederick's of Hollywood sexy lingerie corsets, including their famous "Hollywood dream" corset, bedroom slippers, socks range, bridal lingerie, special occasion lingerie, and even more high-end seduction pieces. The vendor products only ship United States and Canada, such as the residence of the consumer is not in the scope of delivery, welcome to the transport services company. United States collecting transit Taiwan company

銷售地區:中國, 香港, 國際全球, 馬來西亞, 新加坡, 台灣

Frederick's of Hollywood 性感內衣
Frederick's of Hollywood 性感內衣



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