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每個旅人的背包裡,都有一本Lonely Planet。 英國BBC獨家授權,全球最權威旅遊雜誌。

東尼‧惠勒(Tony Wheeler)和莫琳‧惠勒(Maureen Wheeler)出版了被譽為傳奇旅行指南的《便宜走亞洲》(Across Asia on the Cheap),Lonely Planet因而問世,並讓獨立探索、貼近當地的精神,以及負責任的態度,成為旅行的新定義,30多年下來,Lonely Planet更成為世界旅遊指南的第一品牌。


Lonely Planet併入英國最大的公共媒體集團BBC,Lonely Planet Magazine於2008在英國面世;這本旅遊雜誌延續Lonely Planet獨立、探索的旅遊精神,秉持BBC富有國際視野的專業筆觸,兩度榮獲英國年度最佳旅遊雜誌獎。


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Each traveler's backpack, there is a Lonely Planet. United Kingdom BBC exclusive rights, the world authority on travel magazine.

In 1973, Chief Tony Wheeler (Tony Wheeler), Chief and Maureen Wheeler (Maureen Wheeler) published as the legend of the cheap Asia Travel Guide (Across Asia on the Cheap), Lonely Planet and come out, and close to the local independent exploration, spirit and responsible attitude, become the new definition of travel, more than 30 years, the Lonely Planet became the world travel guide brand.

2008 Lonely Planet into the United Kingdom's largest public media group BBC,Lonely Planet Magazine in 2008 in the United Kingdom published; this travel magazine Lonely Planet, exploring the spirit of travel independently, uphold the BBC international field of professional strokes, twice won the United Kingdom travel magazine of the year award.

2011 State group and the BBC to launch international Chinese edition of the Lonely Planet, in addition to the world's best tourism reporting into the Chinese-speaking world, editors can also look forward to leading the reader with another perspective Taiwan this land. 

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